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POLC Staff Lawyers

Thomas R. Zulch

Email: trzulch@yahoo.com

Tom joined the POLC staff in 2004. He graduated Cum Laude from Michigan State University Detroit College of Law while he was employed as a Public Safety Officer for the City of Berkley. Tom was an Officer for over eleven years, serving as President of the Officer’s Association and negotiating several contracts.  He earned Officer of the Year honors and several commendations including two lifesaving awards. He left Berkley to work as an attorney for the Detroit Police Officer Association (DPOA).  He handled disciplinary cases, state and federal investigations and critical incidents such as officer involved shootings for nearly five years for the DPOA before moving to the POLC. Tom is now an appointed Commissioner of the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards. With his vast PA 312 Arbitration experience, the Michigan Employment Relations Commission sought Tom’s input into creating new Act 312 rules.

Brendan Canfield

Email: brendancanfield@gmail.com

Attorney. Received a Bachelor of Arts (Honors), Oakland University. Attended Wayne State University Law School receiving a Juris Doctor (Honors). He has worked as a business defense attorney, and importantly, spent two years working for the Michigan Employment Relations Commission in a legal clerkship. He assisted in drafting decisions relative to labor disputes regarding public employees under the Public Employee Relations Act (PERA) and Labor Relations and Mediation Act (LMA). Brendan has a particular interest in labor relations with a strong training emphasis in labor law, employment law, labor relations, collective bargaining, labor history and contract negotiations.